YUDI INSTRUMENTS has been established in the year 2017 by Mr. Upendra Dhawale ( Yudi). It was formed to give the best quality instruments worldwide to the professional musicians and to the people who are not musicians professionally but love playing music.

Our team is of families whose ancestors have been artisans from historical times and the legacy has been incorporated on our instruments. Our instruments such as Djembes, Dunnuns, Cajons, Hapi/Tank Drums are made manually with a great passion to give the customer the best possible results of its sounds.

It is well tried and tested by the expert musicians before its sold to the customer. We also have a group named YUDI CREW which stands for YOUNG UNIQUE DRUMMERS OF INDIA Crew. We do Drum Circles, Djembe Workshops / Drumming Therapy Workshops with Corporates, Schools, Malls, NGOs etc.