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YUDI INSTRUMENTS is an Indian manufacturer company of musical instruments established in 2017. it manufacturer authentic musical instruments like Djembe, Dununs, Cajon & Hapi/tongue Drum and all its accessories available here. Visit the website for more information about YUDI Instruments. Click On MORE INFO. For More Information

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Product & Accessories

Our Company YUDI INSTRUMENTS, Designs and Manufactures authentic Rope Djembes, Dunnuns, Cajons, Hapi/ Tongue Drums in INDIA. We have been selling our products all over the country.

Accessories: YUDI INSTRUMENTS also makes accessories of all the instruments that we make which includes Bags, Belts and Tongue Drumsticks etc.

Our Products



YUDI Instruments makes Djembes that are of shapes and sizes usually made in Africa.
Wood: Mango
Skin: Goat
Ropes: Imported
Base of Djembe: Rubber protected.



It is a set of 3 Drums accompanying Djembes during an ensemble.

Konkani: smallest of them all
Sangban: Midsize
Dunnunba: Biggest, to give a base sound.



It is of Peruvian origin from Latin Percussion family. Also called as Box Drum.
The wood used is a Maple wood with Rubber base. It has a 6mm front sheet which called TAPA, on which the rhythm is played.


Hapi Drum

It is a Steel Drum made of Propane Steel with Tongue like slits to give a soothing melodious sound. They vary in sizes and notes.
It is used for sound healing sessions, meditation, Yoga, Binaural music etc